Le Creator, ex Legionnaire (2eREP). Today a Dad, Commercial Helicopter Pilot, Author of Appel, and it’s follow up CIVIL. Le Projects objective is to share stories our own way. We appreciate your support, and help sharing it’s effort’s.

Joel A Struthers


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CIVIL - Life after the foreign legion

Joel’s honest depictions of the chaotic blend of high-octanedanger, exposed tensions and constant improvisation that characterised the immediate period of reconstruction in war torn Iraq, immediately paint the picture.  You can feel the stress of the environment like a tightly coiled spring, ready to explode.  Those years of deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan seem a world away now but life was lived in a different ‘lane’ then, where death and destruction stalked your every hour.  Joel brings this time into sharp focus, he cuts through the embellished, the fabricated and self-aggrandisement of so many accounts and captures the complex reality that existed.  

Caroline du Plessis. (Caroline Ruart)
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A Canadian in the French Foreign Legion

By Joel Adam Struthers

A Canadian in the French Foreign Legion is the first-hand account of the author’s six years as a professional soldier during the 1990s, and his experience in the Legion's elite Groupe des Commandos Parachutistes (GCP). Joel Struthers recounts the dangers and demands of military life, from the rigours of recruitment and operational training in the rugged mountains of France, to face-to-face combat in the grasslands of some of Africa’s most troubled nations.

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The Canadian Defence Academy put out its suggestions for reading and Joel Struthers Book "Appel" has been selected as a must read publication.

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