George Albert

At Colenso, on the 15th December, 1899, Private Ravenhill went several times, under a heavy fire, from his sheltered position as one of the escort to the guns, to assist the officers and drivers who were trying to withdraw the guns of the 14th and 66th Batteries, Royal Field Artillery, when the detachments serving them had all been killed, wounded, or driven from them by infantry fire at close range, and helped to limber up one of the guns that were saved.


A Canadian WW1 Veteran (Mil-Veterinarian) returned to France post war with his French wife. Working as a veterinarian in the Noyon Region, North of Paris he helped recover 30 + Allied air men (During WW2) who had parachuted into the local farmers fields. Decorated by French authorities for his efforts supporting La Résistance.